In Horse races or equestrian adventures in general, there are different kinds of horses for different kinds of races and the only way the jockey is going to win any races is if he has the right kind of pure bred horse to use. Let us look at some the different kinds of horses used in the equestrian sport.

The Arabian horse

These kinds of horses were bred into existence by the Bedouin people in the Arabian Peninsula. These horses are bred for stamina especially over the long distances and therefore they were able to always outrun their enemies and also chase them till they were caught.

This horse didn’t appear in the United States till the 1700’s and were not pure bred until around the civil war period.

Arabians should have the tenacity to endure long distance journeys at a reasonable pace. They have a lot of muscle fibers which helps in working over a length of time but their muscles aren’t as large as the quarter horse.


All thoroughbreds can trace their lines back to three founding sires which are;

The Darley Arabian

Byerly turk

The Goldolphin Arabian

These three horses were named after their owners respectively and when they were taken to England, they mated with both English mares and also mares from other countries. The end results were the first set of thoroughbred horses from the mares and all the thoroughbreds to date can trace their ancestry to these 3 horses.

Thoroughbreds differ in height and they are able to travel semi-long distances at a fast pace balancing speed with stamina and they come in different colors.

While breeding thoroughbreds, one cannot use cloning, artificial insemination and so on to breed them.

Quarter horse

These horses are a mix of the English horses and the Spanish horses during the 1700’s. Both horses with one being native and the other the colonial horse were bred together and out came a compact muscular horse that became very good in labor and in helping to do chores such as cattle work and plowing.

Quarter horses have larger limbs than the Arabian and this makes it less suitable for long distance racing. Quarter horse racing is always on a flat straight track of 400 meters or a quarter mile and this became the regular racing distance for the quarter horses. There are rarely any turns in this kind of race and track so there is less jockeying for space and since it’s a flat out run the horses burst out of the starting box at full speed.

The track surface is the same as the thoroughbred racing track and it is mostly done in dirt.

Apart from the breeds of horses that I have mentioned here, there are still a lot of breeds that we have not spoken about like the American paint horse, Appaloosa, and lots more

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