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    Litsea cubeba, more commonly called May Chang, is indigenous to regions in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Indonesia, and China. This evergreen matures to 12 meters high and is particularly known as mountain pepper. The spice created in the leaf and fruit have a very strong lemon smell. May Change fat is utilized in aromatherapy and for treating various skin complaints.

    All the parts of the plant have already been employed for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine. Herbalists recommended it for those with bloating because it was considered to assist with the expulsion of gas in addition to prevent gas from forming within the colon. They prescribed it to women to help remedy pain brought on by abdominal cramps during menstruation. It was also employed to treat asthma, headaches, chills, and muscular aches, including lower back pain. Chinese researchers now conducted studies comparing its effects against the ones from the beta-blocker, Propranolol for regulation of arrhythmia.

    You are able to for lowering hypertension and relieving stress without causing drowsiness. It may also promote overall mental and physical well-being. It blends well using a wide array of others, including geranium, lavender, orange, rose, ylang ylang, basil, and ginger, in order to name just a few.

    May chang has natural insect repellent qualities. It is usually blended into body lotion, shampoo, or liquid body wash to help you repel mosquitoes. Adding a few drops to some candle and placing it outdoors will help keep pests away.

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