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    No matter what the circumstances are, there is always pain and hurting. There are always things that each party would like to forget, even to the point of erasing some of these unpleasant events from one?s memory bank. Sometimes, though, there may be a need to bring back a little of the past. When updating the family tree, for example; or when you need to start seeing someone new and would like to be honest with him or her. This is the time to dig up old memories and get your Records of Divorce. If you are a citizen of the United States, this will not be difficult to do as you have several choices for legally getting a copy of your divorce files.The first thing that you should work on is check the residency requirements. Only bonafide residents of the county or state where the record exists are allowed to file for requests. In other words, you should have lived in that county or state for a certain number or months or years before you can file for divorce dossier viewing request.Your next step is to contact or visit the Vital Statistics Office of the state where the dissolution of your marriage took place. You will need to strictly follow some steps in filing your request for Divorce Records so that it will be properly processed. Make sure that your request is for one file only; multiple requests are not allowed to be carried out all at once. Additionally, you should have with you a self- addressed stamped envelope as this is one of the primary requirements. Before filing your request, be sure that you know all the necessary details about the divorce: your name and your ex-husband?s/ex- wife?s complete name, including all alternative spellings; and the date the divorce happened.If you are not one of the individuals who own the record, you are to indicate your relationship to the divorced couple. The type of final decree that was given should also be indicated in the request, as well as the reason why you need the record, and your driver?s license details (for some states only). Like all requests filed with state offices, there is a fee that you need to pay; the amount differs though from one state or county to another. Also, it does not matter if you need Records of Divorce or another type of Free Divorce Records Lookup public record; it is necessary to wait for a couple of days or weeks before getting the record you need as state offices work with tons of requests every day.Now that our world is greatly dominated by the Internet and other forms of modern technology, there are better ways of obtaining public record copies. Professional online record providers, for example, work independently from the government. Many of them even have an advantage in terms of their database, which means anybody searching for public records will have better chances of finding what they need. The best thing about these online providers, though, is the fact that they offer convenience and work efficiently. In exchange, you will get unlimited access to all the Divorce Records ? or public records ? you need.