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What is AIU Extension? aiu extension logo 231

AIU Extension is an open initiative whose goal is to provide people from around the world the opportunity to study Free Online Courses.

Mission: To provide free Courses to develop and improve people’s knowledge & skills.

Vision: Empowering individuals through education for the world betterment.

You may also get your certificate from AIU Extension. You can either purchase it after you complete the course or invest your AIU Credits (that you get from interacting with the site or by purchasing them on “My account”).

For more information about how this works click here!

Are you ready to start taking Online Courses? instructor

You may confirm you are an ideal online learner by completing these Free Quizzes. To check the Free Quizzes Click Here!

What is “AIU Credits”? 11

You get AIU Credits by interacting at You can also purchase AIU Credits. For more information about how to get AIU Credits click here!

By getting your Certificate you are supporting AIU Extension. We use earnings to improve our system and/or generate more courses.

What is “My Account”?

Your account is the place where you:

1.- Can find your AIU Credits balance.

2.- Purchase more AIU Credits.

3.- Review previous orders.

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What is “My AIU Cloud”? aiucloud

My AIU Cloud is cloud space that we give to our users for Free. There you will be able to upload information, files, etc. You can either upload and create a password to protect your private files so that only you can see them or you can upload public files to share them with the AIU Extension community.

For more information about My AIU Cloud click here!

What is “My AIU Badges”? friend2

My AIU Badges is the way for AIU Extension to show appreciation for your support. My support? Yes. Whether you purchase AIU Credits, your Certificate or receive AIU Credits by interacting with our site, you are supporting our community.The reason why we created a Badge system  is so that you and others will see the badge on your profile and when you post topics, reply to other comments, on groups, etc.

To learn more about My AIU Badges and which badges are available click here!

What is “My AIU Ranks”? 3

We want to share how happy we are with your support that we include a ranking system. The difference between AIU Extension Badges and AIU Extension Rank is mainly that AIU Extension Rank is based on the current amount of AIU Credits on your account. The higher the current AIU Credits on your account the higher the rank will be. To learn more about AIU Extension Rank click here!

What is “AIU Alumni?”? LOGOHD 120 44

Current or Graduate students from Atlantic International University get special benefits at AIU Extension. To learn more about those benefits click here!

What is “AIU Groups”? ref2

This is the place where you can join or create your own group to discuss certain courses, documents,  materials and more. For more information about AIU Groups click here!

What is “AIU Forums”?

This is the place where you can either join or create topics to discuss certain things about courses, life style, etc. For more information about AIU Forums click here!

What is “AIU News”? blog1

SUPER IMPORTANT! You want to be updated with AIU Extension’s laterst news. Visit AIU News at least twice a week. You will find very useful post about new features at AIU Extension, Course, and more!

To visit AIU News now click here!

What is “AIU Members”?

Would you like to see other users who registered at AIU Extension? Would you like to add some of them as friends? AIU Members is the place to find other users at AIU Extension. To check AIU Members click here!

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