It was even more clear when I flew over it on Monday on the way to Rome. This wasn’t on the first itinerary but was a little, less touristy town where I attempted some arty photography. Ston is renowned for the salt pans making a lot of salt in the original methods and we were given a talk then we scaled part of the “Great wall of Europe”. We needed a drink in town afterwards. The coach took us to a wine and liqueur tasting. Most were not impressed with the wines and I did not try any of the broad range of very sweet liqueurs, not to my taste. For which the area is, in addition, famous, afterward it was on to an oyster tasting. I am told they were not up to Bluff oyster standards but still they were not fairly bad.On Sunday we sailed across the biggest seas of our journey back to Split, where we’d to give the yacht we chartered back. Again we had a town tour, so although I’d drifted by myself a week earlier I learnt. Probably the worst of the long history in the town was in the siege from October 1991. Thankfully most has been restored. Before travelling to the airport on Monday for the afternoon flight it was time for a closing dinner and sleep on board.: Croatia yacht charter fleet


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