Today we will speak in isles, Croatia, Croatian cities, and individuals.For some time, my dearest served in the navy. From time to time, he told me stories that were romantic about sailing, the sea, dolphins, and the wind blowing in your face. So, what would you give such a man – new mobile phone or another wrist watch? Luxury journey under sail is certainly a new adventure and the sailing in Croatia is something particular. Here, you can find over a thousand islands with well-preserved towns built by the ancient Greeks or Romans. The coast is presented with Rovine, and Split, Pula, Komiza, Rovinj, Pula ; so many places to see! Later, we’ll write about some of them– Rovinj and Rovinj, for example.Such a man had never been to Croatia, a country of numerous isles Adriatic Sea and the purest. It could well be the most suitable area in Europe for yachting or sailing. Also, the architecture of the cities that are old bears the imprint of former Venetian domination that makes your presence onshore so pleasant. What an excellent idea for our journey site!: more


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