Klay Thompson Wonders (Jokingly) How Kevin Durant Coming To The Warriors Will Be

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    KD 9 When Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors this past summer, it sent shockwaves throughout the entire NBA. From players to rival coaches to the league office, everybody had a take on how this would affect the coming season and the years to come from a competitive balance standpoint (we wondered how his kicks would change). The Warriors were coming off the greatest regular season in NBA history and a grueling Finals that saw them blow a 3-1 lead so to fire back by signing one of the three best players in the game today when they already have the best (or second-best depending on who you ask) player got everybody talking.

    One person who hasn’t said all that much is Klay Thompson,KD Shoes aka the other Splash Brother who is an All-Star, NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist in his own right. While everybody was talking about how Stephen Curry and Durant would get along, everybody assumed Thompson would be the guy to take the back seat. Klay has said that he isn’t sacrificing s**t for KD (although you should read the full context because it’s actually totally justified) and he stood up for his sneaker brand ANTA during the sales pitch meeting with Durant. Kinda…

    kevin durant warriors jersey During an appearance on the Zach Lowe’s podcast, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told a Klay story during their recruitment.

    “[Steph and KD] started talking about shoes and I think Steph made the point that to Kevin like,KD 11 ‘hey, you know, the Under Armour/Nike thing makes no difference, you know, if we’re on the same team it’s good for Nike and it’s good for Under Armour.’ And Klay, you know, rarely says anything but when he does it’s always funny. He jumps in and he says, ‘is it good for ANTA?’KD 11 Shoes That’s Chinese shoe company that he uses. And everybody got a good kick out of that.”http://www.kd11elite.com

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