Call of Duty and Destiny publisher Activision, after much tickling, has drawn back the curtain on its historic militarymonsteramid a flurry of words. The official PlayStation twitter account revealed that players who take part in the Call of Duty: WW2 Beta will earn call of duty ww2 special edition a Combat Pack, for use in the full game when it launches in November. Anyone who pre-orders CoD WW2 will get access – physical pre-orders will include a code while buyers will get entry to redeem.The Xbox was the console of choice for CoD players, but now lags behind PlayStation 4. It might begin a swing back if CoD WW2 appears better on Xbox Scorpio. Added content not in the Personal Multiplayer Beta includes: the armory of weapons, scorestreaks, Basic Training, and equipment, along with complete progression, modes and remaining maps , added War Mode maps.There is still no way to buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered outside. In 2016 Activision released Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition, which bundled the brand new game. Activision will be looking for Call of Duty WW2 to reignite interest in the franchise.


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