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    As long as we comprehensively consider the concrete project object, characteristics, required maximum conveying capacity, maximum conveying distance, concrete building plan, concrete pump form and certain conditions, we can correctly choose the model that right for you. Below are a few small points :

    1.Inspection of product performance

    The steadiness and suppleness of various parts, the chassis driving, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance can satisfied the requirements technicality or otherwise. The rationality to the economic indicators like the fuel consumption rate of the engine, and whether or not the handy remote control operation is reliable and stable. All steel needs to be carbon steel with good strength and fine grain structure (quenched and tempered steel sheet), as well as welding process is incredibly strict, otherwise there will be serious problems like weld cracking.

    2. concrete pouring quantity

    The building structure and sort, construction of technical requirements, site conditions as well as the surrounding environment, etc., Them all purchase the small concrete pump truck as prerequisite. Generally, besides the above factors, the quantity of concrete pouring ought to be considered when picking the model, in an attempt to ensure that the main performance parameters of the selected pump truck are consistent. If the capacity is just too large, the employment rates are way too low and small, which could not only match the construction requirements but also accelerate the losing of the concrete pump truck.


    The operating-system of small concrete pump truck is generally furnished with manual, wireless and wired control modes. The wired control is convenient and flexible. The wireless control might be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, the manual operation mode can be used

    4. Product configuration

    The product objective of pump truck plays an essential role in purchase, therefore it is necessary to set a higher starting place for the configuration of pump truck. When the pump truck with high standard configuration is selected, your buck increases accordingly. The grade of product configuration can make corresponding requirements from the quality of primary ingredients, internal quality to appearance quality.

    5. Target safety and environmental protection requirements

    Check perhaps the special vehicles are eligible of industry standards, and inspect whether or not the after-sales service outlets from the suppliers can meet the requirements of timely service, along with the service quality, service level as well as the ability of timely way to obtain parts. Comprehend the supplier’s dedication to operator training and maintenance training.

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