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    1/ No requirement to be described as a tech wizard!

    You may be thinking that running an online radio station requires technical experience and knowledge. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s hardly true! To start out your personal online radio, you’ll need 3 things:

    Some type of computer

    An Internet connection

    At the very least 1 MP3 file

    Have you got those things? Perfect!

    2/ Broadcast from your home

    An execllent reason to launch your internet radio project is that you could do all of it within the ease your house! How practical is always that?!

    You can even broadcast accept your listeners and guests, and never have to step outside. This may be a great way to keep creating content and interact with new people, even during a global pandemic!

    3/ Reach a worldwide audience

    As opposed to traditional FM stations, you haven’t any geographical boundaries when it comes to online radio! Your stream can be contacted by anyone on earth who may have internet access.

    4/ Share your passions

    Creating an internet radio station will give you the opportunity share your passion(s) and expertises on any topic! It’s a great way to connect with individuals who may have similar interests.

    This content you choose to broadcast on your own radio station is 100% your responsibility! Regardless of whether you desire a music-only radio, a chat radio, or possibly a little bit of both, accomplish their goals.

    Top Tip: Creating a website on your radio station offers you a platform to transform your articles into articles, or even share your broadcasted shows as a podcast!

    5/ Single handed access

    As we explained earlier, you are not a web connection can tune in to internet radio. This means that there’s no need for traditional radio devices.

    Your listeners may use a computer, smartphone, tablet, connected speaker, smart watch, smart TV, connected car, and then any other device with Access to the internet! All of these listening options simplify just how people can play your radio station. Plus, it helps website visitors to listen, wherever they are!

    Top Tip: with the variety of online directories available, you can easily help improve the visibility of the radio for free.

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