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Ive been on the crotamiton for a little over a year and at first i loved it, it was my first birth control and i did not think i would remember to take a pill everyday so this seemed perfect and it was. it is very effective for not getting pregnant, i have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend since and not once had an issue. the only thing is that it did not help with my cramps and back pain, as the months go on, the pain gets worse and worse. i also have times of severe mood swings and depression. im switching to seasonale this month to see if it works any better. by todd from whitesboro, tx
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After 6 weeks of taking crotamiton, i find the relief effect wears down towards the 10th and eleventh hour. my dosage is 2 puffs morning, 1 puff evening. i'm 78 years old, and an asthmatic for 76 of those years. compared to symbicort, crotamiton "wears off" (as above) slightly faster. each is a good maintenance medication.
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I was born with a thyroid condition. i am 23 year old female. i did the other brand for a while, and made me tired, sad, and just made me feel hopeless. i am on crotamiton 88mcg and although i sometimes feel sad, my weight is maintained, i’m able to work, and play with my 1 year old daughter, who thank god is healthy. finding the right dosage is so important and is a trial and error. if everything is good and you only have one symptom …


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